Company Overview

Warranty Smart aims to become the largest extended vehicle warranty provider in Asia. We want to make vehicle warranties effortless for everyone through fast and easy claim approvals. This in turn helps propel the second-hand car industry, reducing vehicle wastage and benefitting dealers and customers alike.

To us, our customers are the forefront of everything we do, and service is our priority. Our warranties are competitively priced and covers an extensive range of vehicle wear and tear, ensuring you are always protected – no matter where.Warranty Smart began as a solution to expensive car breakdowns and a lack of security for second hand cars in the Malaysian market.

Previously active in the car hobbyist circle, the director noticed a lack of affordable maintenance and replacement parts, causing complications and acting as a barrier for those interested in owning a car.

In Malaysia, a car is often considered a necessary but expensive liability. When break downs occur, many are unable to afford the repair costs, creating an even bigger problem. Broken parts or mechanical issues were often ignored, resulting in more expensive repair work or a complete and dangerous vehicle failure.

Consequently, while second hand cars were often much cheaper, many still opted for expensive new cars due to a lack of security, assuming that second-hand cars were more likely to break down. This realisation opened up a potential market for added vehicle warranties, helping not only protect the buyer, but also encouraging the sales of used cars.

What originally started as a small project between 3 people grew extensively over the years. Warranty Smart now has over 30 staff working around the clock, a headquarters in the bustling township of Petaling Jaya, and two sub offices in neighbouring Penang and Johor Bahru.

The number of panel workshops also continues to grow. There are now over 100 registered and authorized workshops located throughout Malaysia, enabling a better level of service and convenience for customers. Warranty Smart is now the leading car warranty provider in Malaysia and continues to be an anchor of the local vehicle warranty industry.

Why Do I Need A Car Warranty?

Most people wonder why an extended warranty is needed, but did you know – 44% of vehicles suffer a breakdown in their fourth year and beyond. Ironically, most manufacturer warranties last only 3 years, leaving most vehicles unprotected and at risk.

At Warranty Smart, we have a policy suited for every budget. Choose between bronze, silver or gold. Either way, all our policies include parts and labour, all vehicle model coverage, and breakdown recovery. They can be purchased by anyone at any time; as soon as a manufacturer warranty is about to end, and even for cars that have none.

Warranty Specialists

Warranty Smart are car warranty specialists, including used, new, performance and prestige cars. We are the industry’s leading provider of direct consumer warranties. You can get cover for your car at any time. If your manufacturer warranty is coming to a close we can offer a high level of cover at a particularly competitive price.

Trusted by Millions

Warranty Smart offers you complete protection. You can be secure in the knowledge that we will be handling your claims and that our competitive pricing plans also make budgeting easy. Whether you have owned it for years or you’re just about to buy, discover how Warranty Smart warranties can protect your peace of mind – and your pocket!

Reduce Cost & Hassle

Get a quote today and you’ll see that protecting your car against the cost and hassle of unexpected failure couldn’t be easier.

Complete Protection

We know that it can often be difficult to decide on the warranty company that deserves your trust. That’s why we’re delighted to list among our partners such names as – we believe this speaks for itself!

Key Benefits

What Makes Us Different?
Unlike most extended car warranties in the market, Warranty Smart allows our policy holders to service their cars in any of their preferred workshops. Policy holders are only required to utilise our list of panel workshops during a claim. This opens up a much wider client segment as convenience and trust is an important factor for many. Additionally, our claims are also fuss-free and can be processed quickly, ensuring a smooth and seamless standard of operation.

At Warranty Smart, service is our priority. We provide dedicated Call Centres for claims and customer service support, while a 24/7 Auto Assistance handles break downs and emergencies. Other departments include an ever-growing Sales Team who are constantly in search of new opportunities, Accounts to ensure profitability and accurate sales reporting, and a specialised Inspection Team to ensure warranties are issued with minimal risks.